our track record

The joint experience of Prosequence and John Caswell's Group Partners (GPL) covers all types of organisations from start-ups to multinational corporations, international organisations and government departments and agencies.

We have helped clients solve complex strategic issues, launch new ventures, restructure their operations, plan and carry out successful mergers and acquisitions, enter new markets, decide and implement corporate repositioning and other major strategic challenges:

  • Prosequence founding director Andrew A. Napier draws on 20 years international management experience - including senior roles in the International Olympic Committee, Ford, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris - as well as consulting and interim assignments for a variety of clients in business and sport. He is creative and results-oriented, a strategic thinker with a dual focus on both the big picture and the details. 
  • Our partner John Caswell's Group Partners brings its unique Structured Visual Thinking) and its experience of helping over 600 clients (large and small) to decide, plan and implement strategic initiatives and change.
  • Additional specialists and experts are chosen for the relevance of their experience and expertise for each project to help make change happen
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P r o s e q u e n c e - enablers of change - helping you to solve complex issues, define solutions and make change happen - fast