connected business solutions
Discovering what you could do
Developing what you should do
Deciding what you will do
Deploying what you agreed to do
We help clients to:
  • solve complex business issues
  • plan and deliver strategic change
  • transform and re-focus their business
  • co-create enterprise-wide solutions
  • energise their people to deliver change
We do this through a strategic alliance with John Caswell's Group Partners: together we use GP's unique "4D" approach with its multi-dimensional Contextual Frameworks, Structured Visual Thinking and 360o visualisation process to help clients to:
rapidly analyse complex business issues and challenges in context across their organisations
Jonhn Caswell/ GPL's "Visual Thinking" & PFM
develop alignment on a shared vision and a shared understanding of what needs to be done; this is especially valuable for complex multi-stakeholder operations
co-create enterprise-wide solutions, strategies and detailed plans
... and implement them
Interventions are usually with top teams drawn from across the enterprise, as issues and challenges are often found to go beyond the vertical nature of divisional responsibility.

Using unique consulting techniques, processes and systems we help to bring the whole organisation behind a strategy - and create the widest understanding of what needs to be done - and when, and how
The conclusions are ‘mapped’ to clients' optimal business model, corporate strategy and financial goals, and the outcome can be easily integrated into existing planning and management processes. Contextual Frameworks and the unique approach which drives 'Structured Visual Thinking’ can complement or become embedded in organisations' management and planning systems.
Results are usually achieved much faster and more cost-effectively than with traditional strategy consulting techniques
Our joint experience covers international business, sport, government and the public sector; step change, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, entering new markets, corporate repositioning and re-focusing, new ventures, start-ups and other major strategic challenges.

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