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Our business partner Group Partners' unique "4D" approach with its Contextual Frameworks and 'Structured Visual Thinking' has helped over 600 clients (large and small) to solve complex business issues, plan and deliver complex strategic projects, and transform their business.
Discovering what you could do
Developing what you should do
Deciding what you will do
Deploying what you agreed to do
The more challenging the issues and the more complex the organisation and its key business relationships, the more value clients find in this unique approach

Together we help client teams to visualise and communicate strategy, and to co-create detailed plans and connected business solutions that involve all partners and stakeholders.

Unique processes - backed by state-of-the-art software and systems - bring teams together and stimulate energy and shared insights.

John Caswell's multi-dimensional Contextual Frameworks and Structured Visual Thinking help clients to see their whole business in context - not just immediate problems - and help teams to address issues together and find connected solutions.

VT John Caswell/GPL's unique 'Visual Thinking'
Issues, solutions and responsibilities can be seen from different perspectives simultaneously and in context of the overall strategy
Structured Visual Thinking and Contextual Frameworks use leading-edge techniques, software and systems to help clients to co-create the most appropriate business solutions - in the context of their customers' expectations and their business fundamentals, capabilities and resources
Connected solutions are co-created in the context of customer expectations and the client's business fundamentals, capabilities and resources.

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